Frequently Asked Questions About Remi Hair Weaves

  • What is a remi hair weave?The word “remi” is used to describe high-quality human hair used for extensions. In remi hair weaves, all of the cuticles, or ends of the hair, face in the same direction.
  • What’s the difference between a remi hair weave and a remi hair extension?“Hair extension” is a catch-all term that includes remi hair weaves. All hair weaves are hair extensions, but all hair extensions are not weaves.
  • What is cuticle hair?Cuticle hair is another term for remi hair. It’s the same thing.
  • Will my remi hair weave tangle?Not if you take care of it as you would your own hair. The hair in remi hair weaves is thoroughly washed, brushed and treated to ensure that it won’t tangle.
  • Is my remi hair weave made of human hair?Yes – otherwise it wouldn’t be called a remi hair weave. Lower-quality hair weaves are sometimes made from synthetic hair, but those are rarely worth the money. If it’s a remi hair weave, it’s made entirely of human hair,
    possessing such quality that your remi hair weave can even come in a wide variety of colors, textures and lengths, from wavy brown to curly blond to silky straight.
  • Does remi hair weaves come from dead people?No. The chances are good that the donor of the hair that made your remi hair weave is alive and well. It’s only a rumor that the hair for hair weaves comes from dead people.
  • Why would someone give up perfectly good hair by donating it for a remi hair weave?Companies that sell wholesale human hair pay well for high-quality hair. And human
    hair is a renewable resource: Every time you cut it, it grows right back.
  • What does “wefted” mean?Wefting is a process by which human hair is woven to a mesh that is then secured to your scalp under your own hair. Wefted hair looks a bit like a wig, or a section of a wig. The opposite of a weft is a strand, or a loose extension which is woven into your hair by itself, 20 to 30 strands at a time.
  • Is my remi human hair weave sanitary?Absolutely. Wholesale human hair providers won’t sell hair that isn’t healthy and clean.

What is your return policy?

If after receiving the unit if you have a problem or you do not like the hair color or texture, You can exchange the hair up to 1 week after you receive it. You can send your hair back to us (buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges). The hair MUST in ORIGINAL condition just as it was when sent to you. If the hair has been altered in ANY way, then we cannot do an exchange. This includes but is not limited to any of the following:

  • DO NOT Cut the Lace
  • DO NOT Rip or Tear the Lace
  • DO NOT Put any kind of Chemicals on the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Wear the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Put Glue or Tape on the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Put Products of any kind on the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Wash or Condition the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Dye the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Perm or Put Relaxer on the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Style or Cut the Hair of the Wig Unit or weave hair
  • DO NOT Destroy or Lose any of the Original Packaging
  • DO NOT Try to fix anything you dont like about the hair yourself prior to calling and speaking with our customer service reps.

We do not offer refunds on human hair products.